Summer Tyres

Whenever the temperatures rise above 7° Celsius, you can use summer tyres with complete confidence. They are made of a harder rubber compound and are made for faster acceleration and superior performance on dry roads.

If you are looking for summer car tyres in Stourport-on-Severn, you can visit our facility- BG Auto Repair Services. Almost all of the world’s most premium tyre manufacturers are known for their summer offerings, and you can choose for any of them from our extensive inventory.

You can also buy summer tyres online from our facility.

There are three primary types of tyres generally used in the United Kingdom: summer, winter and all-season. Our facility stores all these types and sells them at excellent prices.

If you are looking for the lowest summer tyres price in Stourport-on-Severn, you can contact our centre for more details.

What set summer tyres apart?

Here are some ways why such wheels are different.

  • Provides optimal warm-weather performance: On warm roads, there is no competition for summer tyres. Most high-performance racing car tyres are designed keeping a standard summer wheel as a template. Even on rainy days, these wheels will live up to their name as tyres with superior performance.
  • Ensures higher speeds: If you own a high-performance vehicle, it is better to use high-grade summer tyres to experience the true potential of your car. The skill and flexibility of these tyres is unmatched. You can buy some of the best summer tyres online from us at BG Auto Repair Services.
  • Provide better braking performance: Summer tyres generally have a shorter braking distance when compared to all other types of similar tyres. It must be remembered that since these tyres are meant for high speeds, they must also necessarily have a shorter braking distance. All the summer car tyres in Stourport-on-Severn that we sell at BG Auto Repair Services come highly rated. We only stock the best rated models across all price ranges.
  • A high lateral grip: As a rule, most summer wheels have extremely tough and durable treads. However, one distinctive tread pattern that such wheels have is a heavier lateral tread which leads to better control of the road. The sidewalls are also stronger than most other tyres. You can buy all these tyres online from us too.
  • Provides a better driving experience: Since nimbleness and a harder rubber construction are all hallmarks of such a tyre, summer car tyres in Stourport-on-Severn give a better experience to those who drive on the splendid English roads in the Fall or during summer.

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