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Your vehicle gives you a sense of pride and freedom to cruise the streets. But are you taking necessary care of it? One of the essential aspects of vehicle maintenance is routine servicing. Unfortunately, most motorists ignore this fact thus risking their lives and vehicles on the road.

We at BG Auto Repair Services take utmost pride to bring you complete vehicle servicing facility here at Stourport-on-Severn. Our servicing extends from changing engine oil and filter to exhaust repairs. We make sure, every time you drop your car at our garage for a car repair in Stourport-on-Severn, you get it back in the best possible condition.

Why is servicing essential?

Most vehicle owners tend to skip the servicing part as it’s expensive. However, you shouldn’t, as a lot depends on proper vehicle servicing. It also increases your car’s performance and your safety as well. Furthermore, cutting a slack could risk you racking much higher bills down the line. Moreover, we provide car repair in Stourport-on-Severn at prices that are tough to beat.

Our cost of servicing

  1. Changing oil and filter can cost you anywhere between £100-180 depending on the vehicle and fuel type.
  2. An engine replacement costs around £1500-2000, depending on its availability and quality.
  3. You need to shell out not more than £4000 for cylinder head gaskets.
  4. Radiators are around £350, and car batteries start from £500.
  5. Exhaust repairs can work their way up to £2500.

Vehicle servicing seems tempting to skip when you’re short of cash, but never ignore it. One large price tag a year perhaps doesn’t sound too costly.

Nip any nascent problems

Nothing beats the nightmare of a failing car component in the middle of the road. Thus, getting a car repair in Stourport-on-Severn, once a year is mandatory.

We at BG Auto Repair Services insist you catch any automobile issue at an early stage. It only prevents your car from further damage but also costs much less to repair. We believe that the key to proper servicing is through preventive maintenance. If you schedule a servicing with us, we make sure all aspects from fuel filters to sparkplugs; everything is covered.

Why Us?

We, at BG Auto Repair Services, specialise in vehicle servicing. Our experienced technicians and industry-leading equipment assure you the best-in-class servicing for your automobile. Our experience and commitment make us the best car service garage in Stourport-on-Severn.